3 Seattle Seahawks swooping under the radar to make the final 53-man roster

These Seahawks are long-shots to make the team, but they have played well enough in the preseason to give themselves a chance.
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You've heard all of their names and all three have played well this preseason. They still face uphill battles to make the roster as the Seahawks have the enviable problem of having too much talent at some spots. Still, I believe all three will make the final cut. No visits from the Turk here!

The Seahawks are getting some incredible competition at several roster spots this preseason. That's exactly what's expected, of course. That "Always Complete" sign isn't just for show, as we've seen so many undrafted free agents not only make the roster but quickly become starters. I assume you're familiar with names like Doug Baldwin, Joe Nash, and Dave Krieg, right?

As for low draft picks, the Hawks found Chris Carson and J.R. Sweezy in the seventh round. They even picked up Derrick Fenner and Dwayne Harper in the 10th and 11th rounds. It takes work, but the Hawks have proved to be masters of the craft.

One caveat here: at this point, I think it would be cheating to include Jake Bobo on this list. It's not that I think he won't make the 53-man roster. No, it's that Bobo is almost as much a lock at this point as Jackson Smith-Njigba. I'm not saying he's as good as JSN; that would be ridiculous, even for the guy who thought Eddie Lacy was going to be great in Seattle. But Bobo is clearly the number four wide receiver at this point.

No matter what, Seahawks will have a running back fly in under the radar

I'm hedging my bets here and going with two selections. Yeah, I just said I wasn't going to cheat by including sure-thing Bobo. Well, I'm not cheating here, either. Everything depends on the health of seventh-round pick Kenny McIntosh. We haven't heard a peep about his recovery from his sprained knee since John Boyle reported the injury two weeks ago. The good news, if there is any to be had here, is that Pete Carroll said at the time that it "might be a couple of weeks". We can only hope so because the Georgia standout looked great throughout camp.

So if McIntosh is healthy, even if it's after the Seahawks preseason finale verus the Packers, he's on the roster. He can run between the tackles, he's a great receiver, and was lauded as the best blocking back in the draft. He doesn't have quite the burst or speed of K-9, or he'd be starting. But make the roster, absolutely.

But if he can't go, then I see SaRodorick Thompson making the team. Yeah, I know I was all about Bryant Koback after the Viking game, but Thompson looked even better against the Cowboys. He's a little bigger than Koback, 220 versus 210 pounds, and faced tougher competition in college, Texas Tech's Big 12 in comparison to Toledo's MAC.

What really matters is that Thompson looked more explosive on the field. His 50 yards rushing would have been 70, if not for a holding penalty, and even more had he not touched the sideline with his little toe on his big 29-yard run. I'm more than comfortable with Thompson in the backfield, but I still really want to see K-Mc.