3 Seattle Seahawks swooping under the radar to make the final 53-man roster

These Seahawks are long-shots to make the team, but they have played well enough in the preseason to give themselves a chance.
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Linebacker, edge rusher, fullback? Seahawks have another Nick Bellore

Okay, so Levi Bell isn't actually a fullback. It isn't too likely we'll see him line up in the Hawks backfield again. You know, unless he can throw a spiral as sweet as Pete Carroll. In that case, all bets are off. No, Bell makes his living throwing football players. And that he does quite well, whether he's lined up as a linebacker or defensive end.

At 5'11" and 262 pounds, Bell doesn't fit at either position, at least not according to his size. But the motor he's running in that chunk frame, now that's a different story. After playing two years at Louisiana Tech, Bell transferred to Texas State for his senior season.

All he did there was lead the Bobcats with 13.5 tackles for a loss, plus five sacks. The easiest way to describe the Seahawks' usage of Bell is captured in the photo above, as special teams coordinator Larry Izzo gives Bell his read for the next play: "Hulk smash".

As Lee Vowell wrote about Bell, he's shown the ability to rush the passer while providing stout run defense. And he can lead the running back into the endzone untouched. He wound up with one tackle and two assists against the Cowboys, after two tackles and a sack versus the Vikings in the first preseason game. His solo tackle was a run-stopper for no gain, while one of the assists was on the Cowboys' final play when Tyreke Smith dropped the Cowpokes QB for a magnificent 20-yard loss. Yeah, he's too short; all he does is play.