Seahawks Four Down Territory: Takeaways through first two preseason games 

Seattle has a lot of talent on the team right now, but might still have position needs to address.

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Seahawks 3rd Down: Lock'd in

For the first time this year, we got to see Geno Smith on the field. In limited action he looked good, making a really nice 28-yard throw to Jake Bobo. Twice he got to midfield, but a dropped pass and a sack led to the Seahawks scoring just 3 points during his time on the field. Geno is the man and will be the man this year, but that doesn't mean the Seahawks don't have something with backup Drew Lock.

A knee issue kept Drew Lock from seeing a lot of action, but that didn't stop him from absolutely cooking the Cowboys. Lock went 5 for 6 for 119 yards. He looked calm, composed, and comfortable in the Shane Waldron offense. He avoided the classic Drew Lock mistake and made one of the most beautiful deep ball throws to rookie WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba who went for 48 yards to the one-yard line.

If Geno Smith were to miss any time due to injury (please don't), I feel confident that the Seattle Seahawks can still be a competitive team with Lock under center. Geno is clearly a perfect fit for the McVay-style offense. Lock is definitely more of the mold that John Schneider is historically drawn to, but it appears the two off-seasons learning this system have brought out the best in Drew Lock.

Lock can clearly make every throw on the field, and the system is able to limit his ability to make mistakes. I really do see a poor man's Matthew Stafford out there in Drew Lock right now. We'll see if he ever gets the chance to show it for real. Thanks again for the trade Denver!