The gut-check: 3 things we learned from Seattle Seahawks Week 2 win over Detroit

Legends are lionized in their greatest triumphs, but they are made in their greatest failures.
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Stone Forsythe and Jake Curhan each had the best game of their careers.

Could you write a cornier Hollywood football story in the span of a week?

One of the primary reasons why people have grown more bullish on the Seahawks' offense is the investment they've made in their offensive line over the last few years. It's not without precedent — the Seahawks spent more money than anyone else in the league on their o-line back in 2013 — but those days feel like, or more likely already are, a distant memory.

Finally, they start investing big again with Charles Cross and Abe Lucas, spending two of their top four picks on them in last year's draft, and the line start to gel more than it has since Russell Okung left for the Chargers. Going into this year, it was one of the places I expected to see the most improvement.

Just like that, though, both of them go out midway through week 1 — Cross is expected to return from his toe injury relatively soon, but what initially looked like a knee with Lucas has turned into an undisclosed shoulder procedure. Neither Stone Forsythe nor Jake Curhan had ever played at a level even close to what Cross and Lucas played at as rookies, and both of them were being thrown into starting roles in a critical bounce-back game against a near-certain playoff contender.

And what do you know? Both of them looked great, giving up only seven pressures throughout the game, and the only sack Geno Smith took was unquestionably his own fault. As KJ Wright put it in his podcast after the game, if he doesn't hear your name as an offensive lineman, it's a job well done, and neither one had their number called or was the subject of any sort of replay up until the final play of the game.

The assignments don't get any easier for these two with the Panthers and Brian Burns coming to town next week, but if they play the way they played on Sunday, Forsythe and Curhan will be just fine.