3 things the Seattle Seahawks need from the coaching staff in 2023

While the Seahawks players need to perform on the field, the coaching staff needs to be on point for 2023 to be a great success.
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Seahawks need Shane Waldron to be more consistent

I don't want to say too much bad about Shane Waldron because he could be the Seahawks next head coach if Pete Carroll decides to step down in the next year or so. And Waldron would be a worthy replacement for Carroll. Waldron improved as a play-caller quite a bit from 2021 to 2022 and what he did making Geno Smith into an even better version of Russell Wilson in Waldron's scheme deserves praise. But there are still concerns.

The biggest concern might be just be how inconsistently inconsistent Seattle is. Part of that could also be an implication that Waldron is excellent at pre-gaming but maybe not quite as good with in-game changes. The most glaring example of this is that Seattle ranked sixth in points scored in the 1st quarter of games last year, then fell to 12th in the second quarter, plummeted to 21st in the third quarter, and then bounced back to fifth in the fourth quarter. What does this say?

One could argue that Waldron knows exactly what to do with his offense entering the game, but then defensive coordinators adjust during the game and Seattle struggles a bit more. At halftime, teams theoretically go into the locker room and completely reassess what they need to do the rest of the game but Waldron doesn't reassess as well as the opposing defensive coordinator, at least not until the fourth quarter when it might be too late.

For Seattle to reach its potential in 2023, Carroll needs to be better with time-management, Hurtt needs to trust his defense more and be more aggressive, especially on third downs, but Waldron has to react to adjustments made by defenses quicker. This season, Seattle absolutely must score more immediately after halftimes to either put games away or to get back into games. If all of the previously mentioned happens, the Seahawks could win 12 or 13 games.

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