3 things to watch for when the Seattle Seahawks play Packers preseason Week 3

The Seahawks play the Packers in Seattle's final preseason game of 2023, and we still have a lot to learn about this year's Seahawks.
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How sharp is Seahawks QB Drew Lock against the Packers secondary?

Once again in a preseason game, Drew Lock will not have DK Metcalf or Tyler Lockett to throw to. Lock has looked pretty good the last two preseasons, though he has thrown a few interceptions in most games. He clearly has a strong arm, can move around a bit, and seems to be in control of the offense. But I might note to those who believe Lock is better than Geno Smith, Lock hasn't proven he can do anything in full games against number-one defenses; He mostly faces backups.

Still, Lock's play does imply that if he were put into a real game for a meaningful snap, he would likely be OK. I wonder if the Seahawks might treat him as they did Smith when Smith filled in for three games in 2021 when then-starter Russell Wilson was injured. Smith wasn't allowed to do much and Seattle just mostly hoped for a close, low-scoring game.

But watching Lock play is exciting. And he needs more reps. He didn't play a down in the 2022 regular season, and expecting Geno Smith to be healthy for all of 2023 might be asking too much. He might, but the odds are not on his side. I would think Lock is going to get a few snaps against good defenses this coming season.

At least he will get to practice against the Packers starters on Saturday. Lock might not look perfect because he won't have Seattle's best receivers playing with him and he will be going up against Green Bay's best, but the reps will still allow Lock to learn and get experience. That might be needed at some point when the real games start.