Three things to watch for when Seahawks play the Vikings in preseason game 1

The Seahawks begin their 2023 preseason schedule by playing the Vikings on Thursday.
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Will Seahawks edge rushers Boye Mafe and Derick Hall dominate?

Among those Seahawks who have gotten mostly rave reviews in training camp, Seattle's two young edge rushers might have stood out the most. Pick your day of camp and guess which player might have had the biggest impact on defense and if you choose Mafe or Hall then there's a good chance you're more correct than not. Both are big and strong and fast and simply look like impact football players.

Mafe, of course, is entering his second season. A rookie has a difficult job many times of acclimating from a decent college program to the NFL. The game is simply faster, the assignments completely different, and the players stronger in the pros. Mafe will probably see many more snaps in 2023 because he knows better what to expect after a year of mostly watching, and he understands how to prepare better.

Hall simply looks like a beast. He is 6'3" and 255 pounds and with more than enough speed to be a disruptive pass rusher. But as opposed to many rookies, he seems to know how to be in the right position to play the run. This could be because Hall played in the NFL-lite, otherwise known as the SEC.

Hall might see more snaps in the preseason than Mafe. While Mafe wasn't a starter last year, of course, the Seahawks still know a bit more about what to expect from him. With Hall, the team has never seen him play in the NFL against a team that wasn't wearing a Seahawks uniform. But if both guys keep doing well in camp and in the preseason, they could push veteran edge rusher Darrell Taylor a couple of notches down on the depth chart.