Seahawks news: KJ Wright names his top-5 of the LOB


Former Seahawks linebacker KJ Wright knows a thing or five about the Legion of Boom as he was an important part of it. Likely the best LB duo the Seattle franchise has ever had is Wright and Bobby Wagner. And possibly the best defense the NFL has ever seen was the Seattle defense in the early 2010s.

On Friday, Wright appeared on the NFL Network's Good Morning Football show and was asked to give his thoughts on who he thought the top-five members of the LOB were. Like with any list, there were some players left off his list, but again, Wright could only name five. Plus, his number five might surprise you a bit.

As an aside, while Wright is still old enough to play and it would be nice to see him play next to Wagner again, it is great to have Wright so active in the Seattle sports scene. His list of the top-five LOB members was national, of course, but Wright has a one-hour show on Wednesdays on Seattle Sports radio during the NFL season. His thoughts are well-thought and clear. Basically, just like his play was on the football field.

KJ Wright names his top-five Seahawks teammates from the Legion of Boom

At number five on KJ Wright's top-five members of the LOB was Brandon Mebane. Not only was Mebane a very good defensive tackle who ate up blockers and allowed Wright and Wagner to make tackles, but he also appears to have taught a young Wright how to be a better NFL player. Mebane is a solid choice (plus, who am I to argue with Wright?), and an underrated one.

Maybe his pick at number four is a bit surprising as well. That number goes to cornerback Richard Sherman. Heck, Sherman might be number one on many lists like this as he was a true shutdown corner and took half the field away from a quarterback.

At number three was Earl Thomas. Thomas is a fairly divisive figure for many 12s as he infamously was last seen leaving the field in a Seahawks uniform flipping the bird at the Seattle sideline. Still, Thomas was a great free safety in Seattle, and, according to Wright, no one loved football more than ET.

Number two on Wright's list was Wagner. While Wagner is clearly skilled physically, Wright said Wright had one of the highest football IQs he had ever seen. Wright also pointed out that Wagner should help the 2023 Seahawks' defense quite a bit.

And at number one, Wright said strong safety Kam Chancellor was the best member of the Legion of Boom. The reason is that while Chancellor might best be known for his physical style of play, Chancellor was the leader of the defense. As Wright called him, Chancellor is the "big dog."

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It should also be noted that when asked why Wright didn't put himself on the list, Wright said, He "couldn't do that to himself." Wright, of course, was a key member of the Legion of Boom. But partly what made Wright so great was his humbleness and ability to be a teammate first. Wright called Chancelor the "glue" to the defense, but Wright arguably was even more so.