Seattle Seahawks toughest four game stretch in 2023 might be this

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Week 14 - Seahawks at the San Francisco 49ers on December 10th at 1:05 pm PT

Seattle has its second-straight road game in this four-game stretch in Week 14 while also playing the 49ers for the second time in three games. A worst-case scenario for the Seahawks would be to lose on Thanksgiving at home to the 49ers and then lose to the Cowboys the following week. Even if Seattle stumbles a bit earlier in the season, they should be 5-5 entering Week 12. But going 5-7 with another matchup looming with San Francisco would likely doom the season.

Prior to last season, Seattle had dominated the recent series with the 49ers winning 15 of 17 games between 2014 and 2021. But in 2022, the 49ers dominated Seattle in every game and the talent gap seemed wide between the teams. While it is difficult to see how Seattle catches up on paper to the 49ers in one offseason, Seattle only needs a break in one game to make a difference.

To get that break, Seattle needs to trust its young cornerbacks to be great on islands. This would allow what should be a better tackling team, especially at linebacker and safety, to stay in their lanes a bit more. Controlling the running game of the 49ers is the key to beating them and the additions of Bobby Wagner, Devin Bush, and Julian Love this offseason for Seattle should help control San Francisco a bit more.