3 players Seattle Seahawks should trade for before Week 1

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Seahawks should trade for Broncos inside linebacker Josey Jewell

The Seahawks and Broncos are no strangers to recent trades. Even after Seattle traded Russell Wilson to the Broncos in the 2022 offseason for a bunch of draft picks and several players, Denver and Seattle swapped draft picks again during the 2023 draft. So it isn't out of the realm of possibility that the two teams could work out a trade once again. Plus, Josey Jewell could definitely be a trade target at this point.

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The Broncos chose Drew Sanders in the third round of the 2023 draft and they already have Alex Singleton so Denver is set for Jewell potentially leaving in free agency after the 2023 season. The Seahawks, though, only have Bobby Wagner and Devin Bush who have lots of experience at inside linebacker and both players were only signed to one-year deals this offseason. Wagner, of course, is excellent. But Bush hasn't truly met expectations the last few seasons.

Jewell is a very good player who has a cap hit of $7.13 million this year. If Seattle doesn't think Bush is really going to be as good as they hoped when they signed him, and that is still an unanswered question, then adding Jewell to play next to Wagner could be an upgrade. Jewell is fantastic against the run and is better than Bush in coverage.

As Denver has a surplus of inside linebackers currently, the Seahawks should not have to ask for a lot in demand from Denver. Maybe even Seattle could just give Denver's third-round choice Seattle got from the Broncos in the trade during this year's draft back. If nothing else, there would at least be great depth behind Wagner and Jewell if Bush is still on the roster.

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