Seahawks should trade Darrell Taylor to beef up the interior defensive line

September 18, 2022; Santa Clara, California, USA; Seattle Seahawks defensive end Darrell Taylor
September 18, 2022; Santa Clara, California, USA; Seattle Seahawks defensive end Darrell Taylor / Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
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Seahawks edge rusher Darrell Taylor is bad against the run

The other issue - the real issue - with Darrell Taylor is his run defense. To clarify, it's his lack thereof. Now, I don't take everything Pro Football Focus puts out as the gospel of football, but in this case, they're spot on. PFF (paywall alert) assigned Taylor a pass rush grade of 74.0. That seems reasonable, as he did rank 10th in the league in sacks.

The problem is he received a rush defense of only 39.9. For comparison, Nwosu was graded at 72.3 pass and 73.8 rush, respectively. Yeah, I'd put Uchenna higher in the pass rush too, but you get the picture. Not that he's asked to drop back into coverage much, but Taylor's weak there, too, rated at 50.5. Anyone who actually watched a Seahawks game can verify that the only thing Taylor can do is rush the passer.

I know what you're thinking, 12s. The Seahawks have, what, 27 defensive backs and the pass rush is a premium skill. So why wouldn't Seattle move one of their cornerbacks instead? There's such a logjam at the position, they've moved Coby Bryant to safety as it is. I mean, if K.J. Wright says the Hawks should think about trading Michael Jackson, we should listen, right?

Well, yeah, except we still don't know for certain when Devon Witherspoon will be at 100 percent. The word is that the coaching staff is simply being extra cautious with him, and that makes sense in the preseason. But at some point, he needs to get serious reps with the first unit. I'm sure he'll be fine, and what really matters is that the coaching staff is sure he'll be fine. But hamstring issues can linger for months. If Jamal Adams comes back early - and there's certainly no guarantee there - then Bryant could move back to corner. Then you can worry about a logjam at the position.