Seattle Seahawks trade idea: A Day 2 pick for Chase Young

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The Seattle Seahawks need defensive line help still and an edge rusher. Some 12s might be upset that Seattle spent picks 5 and 20 on a cornerback and a wide receiver. What about getting some interior defensive line help?, they might think. Or help with the pass rush.

Chase Young currently plays for the Washington Commanders and the Commanders declined to pick up Young's fifth-year option this week. This means after the 2023 season, Young will be an unrestricted free agent. It makes sense that Washington might want to trade Young now instead of dealing with whatever locker room drama there might be during the upcoming season.

Young would not come without concerns. He gets injured a lot. In the last two seasons, he has only played a combined 12 games. In those games, he has produced only 1.5 sacks, 5 quarterback hits, and 3 tackles-for-loss. But Young is also only 24 years old so should have a lot of football left to play. He also was excellent in his rookie season of 2020 with 7.5 sacks, 12 QB hits, and 10 tackles-for-loss and was voted as the AP Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Seahawks should offer a Day 2 pick for Chase Young

Plus, sometimes it just helps for a player to have a change of scenery. When a team declines a player's option they might interpret that as the team saying they don't want the player. Because, well...they don't. But Young would be an ideal fit with the Seahawks and Seattle has the veteran leadership in the locker room to help make Young's transition to Seattle more smooth.

Washington has implied they might not want to trade Young, but this seems more posturing. So do the Commanders thinking they might have only taken a first-round choice or two in return for the 6'5" and 265-pound Young. Let's think about it. Washington will likely lose Young after next season and get nothing in return, or they could trade him now and get draft capital.

The Seahawks offering pick 37 and maybe a later pick or a pick in 2024 makes sense for Seattle. Washington would get something close to a first-round selection at pick 37 plus another choice. Meanwhile, Seattle would get a young defensive end who likely has his best years ahead of him. If healthy, Young is as good as any end Seattle could have taken in the 2023 draft.

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Plus, he is still on his rookie deal and in 2023 anyway would be a cheaper option than former Seahawk Frank Clark. Would Young be more expensive in 2024 and beyond if he is good in 2023? Of course. But he would be worth the money and he is worth the Seahawks trading pick 37 plus a bit more for him. If Washington is smart, they will take the offer.