Seahawks news: Nine training camp practices will be open to 12s

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The Seattle Seahawks announced that nine training camp practices will be open to the public, but be ready to register for tickets. In fact, if you want to reserve your spot to see the practices, you better get ready because the same day this article is being published (Wednesday) is the same day you need to get online to save your spot.

If you want to reserve your place to see the practices, you need to go to starting at 1 pm PT on Wednesday. This is a first-come and first-serve registration (unless you are a season ticket holder and then you can pre-register) so get near your computer, watch the clock closely, and then....go! If you happen to be 15 years or young, by the way, you'll need to have an adult with you when you go visit training camp.

It is free to register to get tickets to watch the practices at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center (VMAC), but it isn't free to attend. See, you - and by you, I mean each person that attends the practices - will be required to pay $15 in a transportation fee. That's because you can't park on-site for training camp. You will need to park in Renton at The Landing and then a shuttle will take you to the VMAC.

Seahawks announce some information about open practices in training camp

The Seahawks will hold a mock game on Friday, August 4th at 5:20 pm PT (gates open at 4 pm PT!) at Lumen Field, though. This is being called Seahawks Football Fest and there will be a post-practice chance to get player autographs around 7 pm PT (or later if the practice runs long). Tickets for the football fest are on sale now via Ticketmaster and cost $18.60. Seats are limited, however.

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So, if you are reading this article, make sure you stay online for a bit longer to get a chance for training camp. You might not be playing for the Seahawks, but watching them practice and play is the next best thing, right? At least, for a 12 that is the case.