Seahawks' Uchenna Nwosu psyched to be done with Pete Carroll and his coaching staff

Seattle hired Mike Macdonald as head coach this offseason.
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Let us assume that Seattle Seahawks edge rusher Uchenna Nwosu does not wish ill will on former head coach Pete Carroll and the rest of Carroll's coaching staff. Nwosu has not been the most outspoken of players, seemingly preferring to let his play speak for itself. Since being signed by Seattle ahead of the 2022 season, Nwosu has been Seattle's best edge rusher and when the team lost him for the season after he tore a pec muscle in Week 7 of 2023, the defense was not the same.

But Nwosu did not always have a lot of help from the defensive scheme. Only one other edge rusher, Boye Mafe, seemed to greatly improve over the last two seasons. Had Nwosu stayed healthy last season, he and Mafe likely would have formed a formidable edge rush duo. Still, the overall scheme seemed unimaginative and inefficient.

This may be why Nwosu decided to speak glowingly about his views on the new coaching, but by implication, he also seemed to trash Carroll and the other former coaches. Nwosu's comments came this week during the Seahawks' voluntary workouts when players got to meet new head coach Mike Macdonald for the first time. Macdonald, of course, was extremely successful as the Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator the last two seasons.

Uchenna Nwosu expects the Seahawks to be more successful without Pete Carroll

Nwosu said Macdonald seemed a bit aloof on the first day the coaches and players met, but that after that Macdonald appeared more relaxed and personable. But Nwosu is not on the team to make friends with the coaches; he wants to win football games. Based on his comments, Nwosu clearly believes the new coaches are going to help Seattle win more games than Pete Carroll did.

When asked by the News Tribune what he expects from 2024, Nwosu did not mince words and said, "As a team, I expect a good playoff run...We’ve got all the players. I feel like we’ve got the right coaches now. You know, these coaches seem committed. They are really putting in the time and effort so far. And that’s what you want to see from a staff."

Maybe Nwosu was not intentionally trying to say Carroll and his coaching staff were not committed to being successful and were not the right people to help Seattle be extremely successful, but he pointed out that the new coaches were which seems to infer the reverse for the old coaching staff. Maybe Pete Carroll had simply lost the ability to get his coaching staff to understand what was needed, and therefore, the players had no good scheme to try to work in.

Macdonald has a reputation for streamlining and making simple his complex design. This worked in Baltimore and should work in Seattle, too. Either way, Uchenna Nwosu is happy to have a new set of coaches for the Seahawks.

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