3 under-the-radar Seattle Seahawks moments to celebrate since 2010

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It's the Fourth of July and a time for celebration! What follows aren't the greatest moments in the Seattle Seahawks' history, but some special individual moments that deserve celebration. They are some more of the human times that sports, unlike almost anything else, can produce.

Being a sports fan isn't always a happy thing. Your favorite team doesn't win championships more than it does, most likely. But that doesn't mean you love your favorite team less. Heck, you might even follow them harder because they don't win all the time.

Hopefully, your July 4th goes well and you get some time to relax. Maybe you'll even want to watch some Seahawks highlights. If so, here are three I can suggest.

Three more Seahawks moments worthy of celebration

Seattle Seahawks receiver Chris Matthews performance in Super Bowl XLIX

Sure, Seattle lost the Super Bowl to the New England Patriots and I am not going to go down the rabbit hole of why they lost or what they should have done at the end, but let's take just a minute to celebrate a guy who had almost no bearing on the rest of the rest of the year except for two huge things. One is that he recovered the bobbled onside kick in the waning moments of the NFC Championship game against the Packers.

The second part is that while the Seahawks were struggling to do almost anything in the first half against the Patriots otherwise, Chris Matthews was not struggling. He even 100 yards receiving by halftime and a touchdown and was much of Seattle's offense. In Matthews entire regular season career, he had 176 yards receiving and a touchdown. In Super Bowl XLIX alone he had 109 yards receiving and a touchdown and his play in the first half almost allowed for Seattle to win in the second half.

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Seahawks Tyler Mabry scores a touchdown

Tyler Mabry's teammates love the guy. Even though he doesn't have the raw ability that some players do, he works like he is one of the better players at his position. His teammates respect that.

This is why when Tyler Mabry finally caught his first pass in the NFL in Week 17 of 2022, and the catch resulted in a touchdown, his teammates reacted like he had just won a playoff game. These are the kind of mements that make sports great, right? We don't always know the inner-workings of a team until something unexpected happens and we see the humanity of the players.

The Griffins team up for a sack for the Seahawks in the playoffs

Neither Shaquill nor Shaquem Griffin is still playing for the Seahawks but both players played for Seattle for a couple of seasons or more. Shaquill was a Pro Bowl corner one year while twin brother Shaquem mostly participated on special teams. Shaquem did have the ability to chase down quarterbacks at times, however.

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This play also took place in a Seahawks loss, but that's besides the point. The moment was special because both guys always practiced hard but were rarely on the field at the same time. The joy after the down is done is something that still gives goosebumps and it just feels like this is the same reaction the two brothers would have had playing street ball when they were 12.