10 underrated moves the Seattle Seahawks made in 2023 offseason

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The Seattle Seahawks made some high-profile moves in the 2023 offseason such as drafting Devon Witherspoon. Some smaller moves they made might make a big difference in the 2023 season, though. Even if Seattle's top-end talent performs well, Seattle's depth will be the key to getting Seattle to the playoffs again.

We shouldn't have too many assumptions heading into the season. Like whether Geno Smith can stay healthy and very good again. Or that the 2023 rookie class will be as good as the 2022 version.

The players and moves that follow could make bigger differences this year than Seattle choosing Witherspoon and receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba in the first round. In fact, the moves that follow could dictate whether the Seahawks make a deep playoff run in 2023 or not.

Seahawks sign defensive end Mario Edwards, Jr.

I think there is a decent that Edwards not only makes the roster but actually starts a few games for Seattle this year. Edwards is a slightly underrated pass rusher and a slightly overrated run-stopper. That said, he is capable of playing the pass and the run and there is likely literally nothing that a defensive coordinator can show him in a playbook that he hasn't seen before.

Edwards' experience and adaptability are huge plusses for him. And while he is unlikely to make a Pro Bowl in his time with Seattle, the team doesn't need him to be great (though it would be awesome if he was). Seattle simply needs Edwards to make a few plays a game and beat his man while his teammates Dre'Mont Jones and Jarran Reed are taking up most of the attention. Edwards can be sneaky good for Seattle this year.

Seahawks sign linebacker Devin Bush

Bush was given a lot of chances to be good in Pittsburgh, but he likely also wasn't a good fit for the Steelers system. Pittsburgh likes to blitz a ton and that isn't Bush's strength. What he is good at is playing the run and moving sideline-to-sideline instead of toward the quarterback.

Bush won't be asked to rush the quarterback much with Seattle, and instead will be tasked with helping shutdown the run. If he can sometimes get to opposing QBs, that's just a plus. Bush also isn't great in pass coverage, but he probably won't be asked to do that much either.