10 underrated moves the Seattle Seahawks made in 2023 offseason

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Seahawks draft running back Kenny McIntosh

In a different era, Kenny McIntosh would have been drafted much higher than he was. As it was, the Seahawks chose him in the seventh round of the 2023 draft. McIntosh doesn't have blazing speed but can likely do anything else that is asked of him as a running back on a football field. And the Seahawks will probably ask him to do a bunch of different things.

The best thing about McIntosh's versatility is that his talent allows him to play on all three downs. He can catch really well and then turn that into first downs. But as needed, McIntosh can also be the back on first downs and keep a defense on its toes not knowing if Seattle is actually going to hand the ball off or throw to McIntosh streaking down field.

Seahawks brought back cornerback Michael Jackson

Michael - or Mike - Jackson was extremely underrated in 2022. Because he had bounced around a bit in the NFL prior to last year and never really found a home, all that Jackson did in 2022 comes with a "prove you can do it again" sticker. But there is no reason to think Jackson can't do it again in 2023. He's had by most reports an excellent offseason already.

Jackson started 17 games for Seattle last year. He had 75 tackles, an interception, and a quarterback-rating-allowed of just 75.1. Still, people doubt him simply because he's never had the chance to prove he can be a good starter. The question with Jackson is whether he's playing so well that he relegates Devon Witherspoon to slot corner to start his career while Jackson holds down one of the outside corner spots.