10 underrated moves the Seattle Seahawks made in 2023 offseason

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Seahawks draft right guard Anthony Bradford

The Seahawks haven't had great play out of their right guard spot since they flipped Damien Lewis to the left side in the 2021 season. Seattle thought trading for veteran Gabe Jackson might work well but in two seasons with Seattle, Jackson was basically a disappointment. So much so that in 2022, Jackson rotated snaps with Phil Haynes and Haynes was actually better.

Bradford has the size and strength to play right away. Whether he has the athleticism to adapt his game to the NFL and start early in his career is another question. But I am guessing after playing in the SEC - a minor league system for the NFL if there ever was one - that Bradford is as ready to play as he can be. He's the long-term starter for the Seahawks and it's just matter of how soon Pete Carroll and his coaching staff want to start him.

Seahawks sign defensive tackle Jarran Reed

Jarran Reed played the best football of his NFL career with Seattle. He left for a couple of years, and played decently one season for the Kansas City Chiefs and another season with the Green Bay Packers, but now he returns to Seattle and needs to just be a good rotational end where he can help against the run and get occasional pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Reed, at 30 years old, should still definitely be capable of that.

Reed once had 10.5 sacks for Seattle in 2018. If he does that again in 2023 he will far exceed expectations. Reed should get around 3 sacks and play smart football and help set a hard edge against the run. Anything more than that is gravy, but he's still an upgrade over nearly everyone else Seattle had on their defensive line in 2022.