10 underrated moves the Seattle Seahawks made in 2023 offseason

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Seahawks extended fullback/linebacker/captain Nick Bellore

I am a huge Nick Bellore fan, as likely are more 12s. I would like to say that Bellore offers so much more to the team than expecting him to make Pro Bowls every year, but he even made the Pro Bowl in 2020. Still, Bellore isn't going to produce a ton of raw numbers. His true value lies in his veteran leadership, ability to calm the team when needed, and play any position asked of him. I kind of wish on one series of downs in the preseason, the Seahawks would even ask him to play quarterback.

Bellore keeps the players loose (check out his Between Two Bellores series at the official Seahawks website) but that also builds team chemistry. There is no player on Seattle's roster who doubts Bellore would not play at maxim,um velocity, however. If there was ever a player who one can count on to do anything he can to get his team a victory, that player would be Nick Bellore.

Seahawks sign defensive back Julian Love

Julian Love is going to have an impact on the Seahawks' season one way or another and likely in many different ways. A sneaky great signing for Seattle this offseason, Love could be a starter at strong safety if Jamal Adams can't make it back anytime soon. And to be honest, Love has just as much ability in a base defense as Adams. Love is very good against the run and probably better against the pass, but he just doesn't have Adams' unique ability to disrupt.

But Love could get some starts at slot corner as well, especially if Adams is able to play early in 2023 and Seattle wants to have three safeties on the field at once. Love allows Seattle to play more of a base defense, if Adams is healthy enough to play, as Love has the versatility to play multiple spots. Love is also a good leader in the locker room for a relatively young Seattle cornerback unit.