3 Seattle Seahawks veterans who could lose their starting job to a rookie

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The Seattle Seahawks have gotten younger and more talented over the last couple of seasons. It's kind of easy to forget just how recently Seattle had an aging roster with veterans who seemed to be losing faith in the overall philosophy of the team. Head coach Pete Carroll has always been great with young players and the last two versions of the team, 2023 included, should be able to learn and grow from what Carroll teaches.

Carroll led a team in 2022 that was really a restart but national pundits thought as much before the season. The team would be awful, some thought. Without Russell Wilson, the team might only win 5 games, some said.

Instead, the Seahawks won 9 games, made the postseason, and have a lot of momentum heading into 2023 because of 2022. Meanwhile, Russell Wilson struggled and his new team, the Denver Broncos, struggled even more. The Seahawks partly benefitted from this and should be better this season because Seattle traded Wilson away. But some veterans, like the three that follow, might lose their jobs because of the young talent Seattle has acquired.

No. 1: Seattle Seahawks center Evan Brown

OK, cheated just a bit with this one. But before there is too much arguing about Brown not being a "Seahawks" veteran, I will say he is an experienced center and was signed this offseason to help Seattle fix a problem they have had at center for a few years now. Brown probably thought he could leave the Detroit Lions and come to Seattle on a one-year deal, make his mark, and be a long-term starter.

He might be worthy of being a long-term starter somewhere, but there is also a real chance he never starts a game for the Seahawks. Seattle stole Olu Oluwatimi in the fifth round of the 2023 NFL draft. Oluwatimi was a highly-decorated center in college and has the size and smarts to be a very good NFL center. In fact, he could start right away, and this makes Brown very expendable.