A final prediction for Seahawks vs Vikings preseason Week 1

The Seahawks begin their 2023 preseason schedule on Thursday.
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The Seattle Seahawks are just a month away from playing real football games again. That seems a bit insane, but then the offseason seems to take five years. We will get a glimpse of what Seattle could look like this year when they play the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday in both teams' first preseason game of 2023.

As a person can bet on anything they want to (I am not telling you to bet, by the way, as I always have lost any time I have placed money on something), there are odds even for preseason games. Placing money on a preseason game is one of the bigger risks a person can take with their money because no one knows how many, if any, of the starters will play so that person would simply be thinking that one team's backups are better than the other's.

Still, we will learn a few bits about what the Seahawks coaching staff is thinking about this season's squad. Who doesn't play might be as telling as who does. For instance, if Boye Mafe doesn't play much then that likely means Seattle is thinking he is going to be a definite starter and doesn't want to risk him being hurt in a meaningless preseason contest.

Seahawks vs. Vikings preseason game 1: Odds and a guess at what will happen

As far as placing your bets, FanDuel Sportsbook the Seahawks are 3.5-point favorites. But both the Seahawks and Vikings are at -110 meaning whichever way you might go if you place a $110 bet you would win $100. My advice is to not place bets on both teams because you will only break even if you do. The over/under is 35.5 which seems fairly low.

As far as what will happen in the game, here is my guess (just don't place any bets on what I am guessing). I think Drew Lock takes most of the first half reps and could play into the second half. He will look quite sharp and lead Seattle to a few scoring drives. Jake Bobo will have a touchdown reception.

In the end, though, the Vikings' third-stringers will pull off a come-from-behind victory in the fourth quarter and Minnesota will win the game and get their season off to a fantastic start! (That last part is a bit of a joke; Preseason games are meaningless other than finding out which players to keep on the active 53-man roster.)

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