3 winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks preseason Week 1 victory

The Seahawks defeated the Minnesota Vikings in their first preseason game of 2023.
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The Seattle Seahawks made a miraculous come-from-behind victory over the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday night at Lumen Field. After being down 10-0, Seattle roared back to get the win 24-13. It is clear based on what we saw that Seattle should be the Super Bowl favorite in 2023!

OK, enough with the silly hyperbole. Preseason wins and losses are meaningless, obviously. Neither team played many of their key starters and the Seahawks played even fewer than Minnesota. How did Geno Smith and DK Metcalf look? No idea. They didn't play, just as they shouldn't have.

We did get a decent look at some guys either trying to earn roster spots or make the active 53-man roster, though. That is what the preseason is really about, of course. The games let the coaches see what players can do against players wearing different uniforms than their own. And in Seattle's case, head coach Pete Carroll and offensive coordinator Shane Waldron get a decent look at what Drew Lock can play like when he isn't holding a clipboard on the sidelines of real games.

Also, this just in: Boye Mafe is going to be a beast this season. He was out there just wrecking the Vikings single-handily at times. Just wait until he's playing with some more starters on defense!

Winners and losers from the Seahawks come-from-behind preseason Week 1 victory

Before I get into the winners and at least one loser from Seattle's victory, I should mention a few honorable mentions. These are guys who might not make the roster but did give themselves a decent chance of getting on the practice squad somewhere. Hopefully, even with the Seahawks.

Quarterback Holton Ahlers threw a bit of an insane touchdown pass to Matt Landers, and that kind of thing likely won't fly in a real game - in fact, likely the pass turns out to be a pick-six the other way - but Ahlers should get props for showing he can move around. He finished 4 for 4 throwing with the touchdown pass, but he ran six times for 26 legit yards. Good enough to develop on the practice squad.

Bryant Koback got some payback since he was with the Minnesota Vikings practice squad last year. Koback showed some burst on a nice swing route that he took for 32 yards. He also ran with toughness and got 32 yards rushing on 6 carries.

Finally, as far as the honorable mentions, Easop Winston, Jr., looked like a player. He caught a dart from Lock for Seattle's first touchdown and Winston shielded his man well during the route. He isn't going to make the active roster, but he's worth keeping around somehow. So who were the real winners and losers from preseason Week 1? Well...