3 winners and losers for Seattle Seahawks versus Packers in preseason Week 3

The Seahawks finished their 2023 preseason by playing the Packers in Green Bay.
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Seahawks loser No. 1 - Cornerback Mike Jackson

It was interesting in the first quarter how the Packers moved away from throwing to Tre Brown's side of the field and instead threw toward Jackson. Maybe this was by design and the Packers were just trying to work their offense this way for reps. But Green Bay did have a ton of presumed starters in the game, to begin with, and while Seattle didn't the Seahawks still had Jackson and Brown in the game at the same time on opposite sides.

Brown and Jackson could be battling for a starting spot opposite Riq Woolen and based on what we've seen from the TV copy of the games, the job should be Brown's. Jackson even got cleanly beat in the first quarter on a post pass but the receiver didn't come up with the catch. Then Jackson jumped up and waved his hands as if to say "Nope!" but against a better receiver, Jackson would have easily gotten beat for 25 yards.

Jackson didn't get much better at the beginning of the second quarter where he got called for a hold on a Packers backup receiver (though the penalty was called off because a pass had been completed Jackson's way anyway) and then on the next play he gave up a 15-yard completion. Brown, meanwhile, had nothing coming his way. By design by the Packers as far as working side to side? Or were they simply throwing in the direction of the cornerback where they knew the pass had a better chance of being completed?

But wait, there's more. Jackson finished the drive at the beginning of the second quarter by giving up an easy 6-yard touchdown pass. He got shielded by the Packers' backup receiver and Jackson had no chance of batting the pass away. We haven't seen the 2022 version of Jackson in a few weeks now. Otherwise, Tre Brown looks perfectly fine. (Jackson at least blocked the extra point attempt, but he gave up 6 to take away 1.) Oddly, Jackson was credited with 2 passes defended, but it was clear the Packers had no concerns throwing his way.