5 winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks 2023 training camp Week 2

Week 2 of training camp saw players wearing pads for the first time and we learned several things.
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Winner No. 3 - Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll is an unusual coach. He has more energy than most other coaches on the sidelines and he also isn't afraid to let the players be themselves. This is partly why Carroll has been so successful over the years; He is the leader of the team, sure, but he doesn't mind if things are less rigid than say, Bill Belichick. The Patriots won a bunch when they had a good quarterback, of course, but they weren't as fun to watch as the Seahawks.

But Pete Carroll has done really well with young rosters throughout his career. He was ultra-successful when he coached in college at USC, but when he and general manager John Schneider came to Seattle in 2010, they remade the roster and weren't afraid to go with younger players as starters. This helped the Seahawks build a nucleus of guys like Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson into an eventual Super Bowl champion.

After years of being close to a contender, Seattle was getting worse results and the team clearly is making an effort to get younger again. The last two drafts alone could produce as few as seven starters this season and likely a couple more. Young players have historically reacted well to Carroll's coaching so there is no reason to think the 2023 class won't be the same.

Carroll has to be overjoyed about the hunger and drive he sees from the young players in camp. He knows players trying to earn their next contracts are highly motivated players, but having rookies and second-year guys not only trying to earn their next contracts but trying to prove they belong in the NFL is even better. Seattle has a lot of talent, and Carroll is going to get the best from them.

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