4 winners and losers from the Seattle Seahawks Week 1 loss to Rams

The Seahawks begin 2023 0-1 with a loss to LA and some players were less equal than others.
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Loser No. 3 - Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll

Some people were already saying Pete Carroll is too old to be an NFL coach. More specifically that he had been set in his ways for many years and he can't really change. While Pete Carroll clearly has more energy than most 25-year-olds, there is something to say about his defenses having the same issues every season. And that is that the secondary is no longer ultra-aggressive and sits back and allows passes to be completed.

If a quarterback has no fear of being attacked except by a three or four man group that is mostly easily blocked, then said quarterback is going to remain calm, look for an eventual open reason and dissect the Seahawks. We were promised a more aggressive Seattle defense in 2023, and that certainly did not happen in Week 1. Seattle got pressure on Rams QB Matthew Stafford on just 5 percent of his drop backs.

To be fair, there was at least one corner blitz attempted and that was by Riq Woolen who looked confused on what he was supposed to truly be doing. Woolen is probably capable of getting QB pressure in the right system and with the right coaching, but Seattle's system isn't really designed to blitz so Woolen doesn't excel at that.

I like Pete Carroll a lot. He is the best coach in Seattle Seahawks history. But the defense doesn't seemed to have changed much since 2016 even though defensive coordinators have changed. The one part that has remained the same is Carroll and his defensive philosophy which NFL teams have clearly figured out.

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