4 winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks Week 2 victory over the Lions

  • The QB is really good
  • A corner slides
  • An underrated WR proves himself yet again
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The Seattle Seahawks are back! After a horrible start to the 2023 season, Seattle defeated the Detroit Lions in Week 2 and is now 1-1. Funny how much a victory can make a fanbase feel better about things.

Plus, it seemed like the defense got a little better in Week 2. Maybe this was mostly because the Lions didn't convert every third down attempt they had. The Rams almost did.

Either way, there is a lot of good and some bad from Seattle's win against Detroit. I am not even including Uchenna Nwosu in what follows. He was great in Week 2. But here are other notable players.

Seahawks winner No. 1 - Quarterback Geno Smith

Geno Smith cannot afford any off-games when it comes to some 12s. The reason for this is unknown. Maybe some still prefer Russell Wilson but in my opinion Russell Wilson would not have been as good as Geno Smith has mostly been since the beginning of 2022. See what Wilson has done in Denver since last year versus what Geno Smith has done in Seattle and try to find the argument for Wilson. Plus, Smith is better in the locker room.

In Week 2, Geno Smith was 32 of 41 for 328 yards and 2 touchdowns working behind a banged-up offensive line. Was he perfect? Nope. He took a bad sack late in the game that was completely on him. The blocking after a few seconds had broken down and Smith tried to run sideline-to-sideline to create a splash play that wasn't there. He should have just thrown the ball away.

But with a lesser quarterback, Seattle loses to the Lions. Smith's pass to Tyler Lockett near the beginning of the fourth quarter was perfection as Smith led Lockett just enough in the back of the end zone and then dropped the ball in over the Lions defender. Smith was also nearly perfect in overtime, remaining cool and calm like Seattle was simply running a practice drill, and led Seattle to the winning score. Smith is good. Period.