3 current Seattle Seahawks who were winners from the 2023 NFL draft

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The 2023 NFL draft is now over and 12s know who the new additions to the Seahawks are. But some current Seattle players should be happy too. Why? Because the players chosen in the draft should mean their jobs are safe for now.

A team definitely gives a person an indication of how they see their roster by what they do in the draft. For instance, the San Francisco 49ers aren't going to draft a whole bunch of defensive linemen. They are set there. The same can be said of the Kansas City Chiefs; No need to take a quarterback.

But while many national pundits guessed at what the Seahawks would do in the draft - always a bit of folly to try as long as general manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll are in charge - and guessed they would zig instead of zag, Seattle almost always does the opposite. Seattle went with the best players at available at positions they liked early in the draft and then drafted for needed. But based on Seattle's choices, who is safe on the roster?

Seahawks winner No. 1: Linebacker Devin Bush

Bush hasn't even played a down for Seattle yet, but he was only signed to a one-year deal this offseason after being a bit of a disappointment for the Pittsburgh Steelers in his first four seasons. He is fast and can tackle, though, and has the potential to be a very good inside linebacker. He was chosen number 10 overall in the 2019 draft for a reason. That is, if he stays healthy he can be very good.

Bush should feel happier after the draft, however, as Seattle didn't take an inside linebacker. This likely means while Bush was signed to a one-year deal that Seattle thinks he will be very good in 2023 and the team won't need a new ILB in 2024 (unless that happens to be a replacement for Bobby Wagner). Bush should party like it's 1999 - or 2019 - after the 2023 draft.