3 current Seattle Seahawks who were winners from the 2023 NFL draft

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Seahawks winner No. 2: Left guard Damien Lewis

Seattle definitely needed offensive line help prior to the draft. But let me stop this train for a second just to address the fact that a bunch of the fear about Seattle's 2023 O-line is a bit overblown. Seattle did address the offensive line this offseason and added center Evan Brown. Brown was a good center for the Lions in 2021 and should be good for Seattle.

Phil Haynes wasn't awful at right guard either. It's just an assumption that Haynes isn't good. Is he among the better right guards in the NFL? No, but he certainly isn't the worst. And Haynes has been better the more playing time he gets. Meaning, when Haynes stays healthy enough to play he is good enough to start.

But the Seahawks left guard is Damien Lewis and Lewis was very good in 2022. In fact, Lewis was the 11th highest-graded guard in the NFL last year, per Pro Football Focus (subscription required). It seems like people like to dismiss the whole of the Seattle interior offensive line but forget about the specific parts. Lewis is one of those parts and was arguably the best offensive lineman Seattle had last year.

Guess who is aware of that? The Seahawks coaching staff. This is one reason Seattle got one guard and one center in the draft, neither of the picks will replace Lewis. Lewis should be re-signed next offseason and be a long-term starter for Seattle at left guard.