3 current Seattle Seahawks who were winners from the 2023 NFL draft

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Seahawks winner No. 3: The quarterbacks

Let's put Geno Smith aside for just a minute. I am going to include both Seahawks quarterbacks on this last slide. Smith's backup is Drew Lock, of course, and he has been with Seattle for going on two years now. It would have been really easy for Seattle to take a quarterback at any point in the draft and make that QB Smith's backup.

Pete Carroll has spoken about how much Seattle likes Lock and that doesn't seem to be just lip service. Lock has a good arm (probably even better than Smith) and just needs to prove he can be more consistent and not turn the ball over. He could be a starter somewhere, and maybe even in Seattle one day.

And let's stop thinking the Seahawks want to replace Geno Smith. They have brought Smith back many times and this includes re-signing him even before they traded Russell Wilson. After Wilson was traded, Seattle didn't draft a quarterback and didn't try to sign another. Lock is only on the team because he was part of the Wilson trade.

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Geno Smith might very well be the starter for the Seahawks for the entire three years of the contract he signed this offseason. For those people who don't think Smith is good let me ask why you think that. He was the most accurate quarterback in the NFL last year and didn't turn the ball over that much. He's got a good arm and could be even better in 2023.