Seahawks could worry about Mike Macdonald for this one reason

Or maybe John Schneider is the issue.

Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Let's be honest. What the Seattle Seahawks did in the first part of free agency was disappointing. The team set 12s up for high expectations of potential aggressiveness in free agency this offseason and instead, well...crickets.

Seattle did bring back tight end Noah Fant and defensive lineman Leonard Floyd, but 12s likely were not overly enthused by this as Fant and Williams were already with the team. Being excited by re-signing them would be like opening presents on Christmas, re-wrapping them, and then opening them again a year later. The gifts might be nice, but they were shiny and new.

Seattle then started signing players from other teams with guys such as Nick Harris and Pharaoh Brown. Both are expected to backups in Seattle. At least, that would be the safe assumption unless Seattle is simply trying to take a dive in 2024.

Why are players not following Mike Macdonald to the Seattle Seahawks?

Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of what Seattle did early in free agency, though, was not sign any of the players from the Baltimore Ravens, the former team of Macdonald. This is a shame because the Ravens were fantastic defensively this past season and adding a player or two from that squad would likely be an upgrade for Seattle. Seattle also had a grave need at linebacker and Baltimore's Patrick Queen could have been signed and instead went to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Did Seattle not truly chase him? Certainly, the Seahawks had the money to spend on Queen. Or is something larger, and more menacing, at stake?

One might assume that if a player had success under a coach they might follow that coach to a new team if the coach leaves. That has not happened with Macdonald's move to Seattle. The Seahawks missed out on Queen and also safety Geno Stone. Safety was another position of need for Seattle. Do Stone and Queen, and potentially edge rusher Jadeveon Clowney, know something we don't? Could it be there was something about Macdonald's coaching style that players don't like and don't want to continue doing long-term?

There is no real way of measuring that other than players not choosing to follow their coach. Or maybe what has happened in free agency is just the norm for the Seattle Seahawks under general manager John Schneider. Either way, the situation is once again extremely frustrating.

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