Seattle Seahawks 3-Round 2024 Mock Draft: Adding the core for a Super Bowl run

Seattle retools instead of rebuilds.
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In my final Seattle Seahawks mock draft before the real deal on Thursday, I am taking one last swing at trading back. The hope is to walk away with three solid players in the first three rounds, without trading too far back and losing the chance at a potential star. It's a difficult path, but if done right, the Seahawks could be a legitimate contender almost immediately.

Seattle might also be able to find a lot of trade partners wanting to move up in the draft. I don't have the Green Bay Packers listed below, but they are certainly an option as well. The point is trying to get a second-round choice back which I was able to do.

The fun part of the draft for 12s this year is that there is no way of knowing what Seattle will do. General manager John Schneider is fully in charge for the first time since he came to the team in 2010. Anything can happen.

Seattle Seahawks pull off a first round trade

Trade 1

When looking to trade back, I've always believed that (using the Rich Hill Trade Value Chart), I want to walk away between a plus 15-25 if I'm going to be giving up on the talent that will be available at pick #16. In this trade, the Seahawks walk away at +22 on the value. This looks like a great deal for Seattle, so why would Dallas make this jump?

When looking to make a trade back, I wanted to hunt the desperate teams. Teams that felt they were a move away from a Super Bowl, or were foolish enough to think that. Enter the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas is coming off one of the most embarrassing playoff losses in NFL history, has a coach on the hottest of hot seats, a quarterback that can't quite get over the hump, and an aging owner that is desperately chasing 30 year old ghosts of past glory.

With Dallas, they may feel that they are a true #2 wide receiver away or need that offensive tackle to hold up along the trenches as they try to hold onto their potentially fading championship dreams. 

So, Seattle obliges and moves back 8 spots while collecting an extremely valuable top 60 pick. The pick that was lost trading for Leonard Williams now feels like an aftermath when you consider Seattle has re-signed Williams, hired a coach that should put him in a better position to succeed, and found a way to get back into round 2.