Seattle Seahawks 4 Down Territory Week 4: The sacking of York

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2nd Down: Pete called it with Witherspoon 

Having the number 5 pick from the Russell Wilson trade became not just the most important moment of the offseason but of the future of the franchise's path to getting back to the Super Bowl. The selection of Devon Witherspoon from Illinois was one of celebration, but slight uneasiness. The top 3 quarterbacks all went right before Seattle's selection, and the Seahawks passed on the polarizing defensive tackle Jalen Carter.

Last week, I wrote about how Witherspoon showed why he was a top 5 pick. On Monday night, Witherspoon showed the world that he was going to be a superstar. Witherspoon owned New York, with 6 tackles, 2 sacks, and a 97-yard pick-six to ice the game away. It was a statement made on national television that the Seahawks have added a true blue chip star to their defense, something that completely changes the direction of this team.

3rd Down: Giants are bad, but defense is coming along

It is very important to remember how bad and depleted the New York Giants roster is, but you have to admit, we haven't experienced a defensive gem like that in a long time.

The much-maligned defense, one that was 29th in points allowed through 3 games, was a 55-yard field goal away from their first shutout in over 8 years. With that impressive performance, the defense now ranks number 17 in points allowed. This is not your LOB defense we all fell in love with, but there are real pieces here.

The front seven seem to have found a groove and are gelling as a unit. Veterans like Bobby Wagner, Mario Edwards, and Jarran Reed have stepped up, allowing the young promising players to make an impact. Even if Riq Woolen is not fully healthy, he still brings fear and intimidation to his side of the field for opposing QBs, while Witherspoon is bringing his best Polamalu/Honey Badger imitation to the field. 

The defense is probably a blue chip talent away (maybe that is Jamal Adams), but the talent level and depth is something that we have not seen in years.