Seattle Seahawks 4 Down Territory Week 4: The sacking of York

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4th Down: This game felt familiar

I said on 3rd down that this is not the LOB of the past, but that doesn’t mean this game didn’t feel like one of those classic dominating wins. Suffocating team defense, superstar talent in the secondary, a power running game that is complemented by explosive plays? Yeah, this feels like the Pete Carroll model that had excelled in the NFL for 14 seasons. 

The Eagles and 49ers are the class of the NFC, and likely the league, but that doesn’t mean the Seahawks can’t make a 2012-level leap this year. A top 5 offense and an opportunistic middle-of-the-pack defense can do some damage.

There’s no reason not to think that Seattle can’t battle Dallas for that top Wild Card seed, or even make San Fransisco sweat a little bit. Last year was a massive success to just make the postseason, but there’s real optimism that Seattle can advance this year, and truly see how close they are to Philly and San Fransisco. 

Once again, this is a testament to the players and the leadership of Pete and John Schneider. Following the game, we heard praise from Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, as well as Colin Cowherd publicly apologizing for siding with Russell Wilson over Pete Carroll. It’s clear there’s a turning of a corner here in Seattle.