Seattle Seahawks: 5 more pressing questions on the lips of the 12s

  • Is Geno Smith ready for the rest of 2023?
  • How good is Seattle's defense?
  • Biggest surprises besides Bobo
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Is Geno Smith back, and what happens after week 11?

Is Geno Smith back to early 2022 form, or was the Commanders game an outlier?

I wish I knew. One difference for Smith against the Commanders was that Smith was less hesitant, especially in the second half, than in previous weeks. I am still confused about why so many people think he played poorly against Washington. Did he miss some throws? Sure, but going 9 for 10 on the final two drives, both of which ended up in scores is all you need to know about how he did in Week 10. The issue is that we might not know if Smith is back to being as good as he was early in 2022 for many games now. Even if he plays well, he might have issues against the 49ers, Cowboys, and Eagles.

If the Seahawks lose to the Rams - and we know they could - is 6-4 good enough to get them through those next four games with any chance at the playoffs? 

If Seattle loses to the Rams, their season is done. Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times has his own thoughts on the game, of course. I do not think the Seahawks are good enough to beat the Cowboys in Dallas, and if the 49ers are healthy they are simply better than Seattle. Nine wins might get a team to the postseason again in 2023 (as it was in 2022), but if Seattle loses to the Rams I think they will be 6-8 before Week 16. They would then have to win their final three games, and neither the Steelers nor the Titans are no pushovers.