Seattle Seahawks: 5 pressing questions on the lips of the 12s ahead of Week 11

Seattle needs to find the answers to these five questions for Week 11 and beyond.
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The Seattle Seahawks will have more questions facing them this off-season than a Jeopardy contestant. Yes, I know, technically they face answers on the game show, but you get the idea. Let's look at five of the biggest. Questions, not answers. Or contestants.

The Seahawks had a lot of questions coming into this season. Would they take another step forward from their 2022 season? Would that great rookie class continue to improve? Could Geno Smith get back to his Comeback Player of the Year form? So far, we have no clue about any of those questions. The Hawks are at 6-3 again, just like last year. All but one of the most prominent rookies have been injured most of the year. And Smith has been inconsistent but played very well in week 10.

Since we don't have those answers, we came up with more questions based on other 12s suggestions. See, we're smart like that. When we don't know, we punt. Not like Michael Dickson, mind you, but we get rid of the ball. Okay, so maybe it's more of an intentional grounding, but we're not taking the sack!

The Seattle Seahawks have a new OC - me. What do I do differently?

Offensive coordinator Shane Waldron seems to be an inconsistent play-caller but has also shown the ability to be creative at times. If you were the offensive coordinator, how would you run the offense differently?

First, god help the Seahawks and the 12s. Okay, clearly, I would be certain to cap running plays at 15 per game. That seems to be the Seattle way. Seriously, the Seahawks rank 28th in the league in the percentage of running plays, at 39.7 percent. The supposedly pass-happy Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins both run the ball more than the Hawks. You'd think Eddie Lacy was still in the backfield. I'd run the damn ball.

As for the tight ends, the Hawks are actually using them fairly well. As a group, they have 37 catches on 48 targets. No, that's not Travis Kelce level, but the Hawks don't have Kelce. More importantly, the Chiefs don't have Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf, Jaxon Smtth-Njigba, or Jake Bobo. Sure, I'd get them a little more involved, but there are only so many touches in a game. Then again, more conversions on third down would lead to more touches, so...I'll get back to that later.