Seattle Seahawks: 5 pressing questions on the lips of the 12s ahead of Week 11

Seattle needs to find the answers to these five questions for Week 11 and beyond.
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Bobby Wagner
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Three free agents the Hawks must bring back

Who are three impending Seahawks free agents that the team absolutely must re-sign?

Bobby Wagner, B-Wagz, and number 54, although not necessarily in that order. I'll get to the other two, but yeah, Bobby Wagner has to come back. I know, I know, he'll be 34 next year, practically as old as Jim Harbaugh. Despite that advanced age, he still leads all Seahawks in snap count this season. He's still an elite player, among the best in the league. He's the best linebacker on the Seahawks and would be next year as well. 

Call me crazy, but I'm staying with the linebackers and saying the Hawks have to keep Jordyn Brooks as well. No, he isn't as good as Wagner, but he's close. estimates his market value as just about $14M, and the Hawks have a lot of financial decisions to make, as always. But Wagner should be much cheaper - I mean, he will be 34, after all - and Seattle is likely to release an underperforming player or two still under contract to save some bucks. They'll have cap space for Brooks.

I'll go with Phil Haynes for my third choice. Yes, considering my endless praise of Darrell Taylor, you thought I was going with him. Haynes has been the one consistent player on the offensive line this year. He's allowed three sacks, not good, but just seven pressures in all, less than half of Damien Lewis's 15. I don't see that he'd cost that much to re-sign - currently $4M - and he can play left guard as well as right. And we all know how much Pete Carroll loves versatility. Mea culpa - I forgot that Colby Parkinson is a free agent, so - nah, I'll address him separately. Everything about the other three players still stands.