Seattle Seahawks 7-round 2024 NFL mock draft: Way too early edition

  • Seattle gets defensive line help
  • The Seahawks choose a quarterback
  • Seattle gets a tight end in case they lose two next offseason
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The Seattle Seahawks have rebuilt their roster over the last two years, going from one of the oldest teams in the NFL to one of the youngest rosters in the league. But Seattle hasn't just gotten younger, of course, they have more overall talent than they did three years ago. Much of this talent still lies with a rookie class that should be even better in 2024.

With the 2022 draft class entering year three and the 2023 version going into year two, 2024 could be a special season for the Seahawks. But holes still exist on the team that need to be addressed through next offseason's free agency or through the 2024 NFL draft. Hitting a proverbial home run in three straight draft classes? Seattle might make it happen.

Seattle is probably also unlikely to make as much of a splash in free agency as they did this past offseason. General manager John Schneider isn't usually so aggressive. Though Seattle signed defensive tackle Dre'Mont Jones to the biggest contract Schneider had ever signed another team's free agent to, he probably isn't going to do that same thing in 2024.

Way too early Seattle Seahawks 2024 mock draft, Version 1

Of course, the mock draft that follows is contingent on several things such as how Seattle finished the season, the health and overall play of Geno Smith, and potential surprise roster cuts. But if we (hopefully) safely assume that Seattle wins 9 or 10 games and either gets into the playoffs or gets close then much of the roster, due to the overall youth of the team, will remain the same.

Seattle is very young along the offensive line and at cornerback, but there are other position groups that could use more youth. Linebacker is one. And in the mock draft that follows, those position groups and more are addressed.

The mock draft simulator I used, as always, is the Pro Football Network mock simulator. This allows trades and I did take a few but the choices I got were mostly in 2025 (this also means Seattle has two third-round picks in this mock draft). Also, I am not including the actual pick number for the choices that follow because that is a fluid situation that won't be known until the season is over.