Seattle Seahawks 7-round 2024 NFL mock draft: Way too early edition

  • Seattle gets defensive line help
  • The Seahawks choose a quarterback
  • Seattle gets a tight end in case they lose two next offseason
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Seattle Seahawks take Jaylan Ford

  • Linebacker from Texas
  • Round 3

Jaylan Ford is a slightly smaller linebacker in weight but he is excellent in one area that the Seahawks need help in. That is Ford has the ability to cover receivers like a safety though he has the build of a linebacker. He's also an aggressive tackler who doesn't mind hitting opponents at maximum velocity.

Ford does need to develop better in run support. He should be able to do so once he adds a little muscle weight and gets some NFL coaching, but until then he might just be a third-down player. Even that would help some, however, as the Seahawks struggle mightily with getting opposing offenses off the field on third downs.

Seattle makes Michael Penix, Jr. their next QB

  • Quarterback from Washington
  • Round 3

There is a lot of different ways Michael Penix, Jr. could go in the NFL draft. Due to his injury history before he arrived at the University of Washington in 2022, Penix had a bunch of injury issues and couldn't seem to stay consistently healthy. In the last two years with Washington, though, that has not been an issue.

The other problem for Penix is that he is left-handed and not every NFL team will want that. Teams are usually built by focusing on getting an excellent left tackle to protect a right-handed quarterback's blindside, with a left-handed quarterback, the right tackle becomes more important. But that shouldn't be an issue in Seattle as Abraham Lucas, when healthy, is a very good right tackle. Penix, though, is extremely accurate, turnover-adverse, and with a live arm.