3 Seattle Seahawks who aren't safe with Mike Macdonald as head coach

Seattle has a number of roster decisions to make this offseason.

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Over the previous 14 offseasons, Seattle Seahawks fans have gotten used to a certain way of the team doing business. We knew that former head coach Pete Carroll would be loyal to players and his coaches and few changes would be made. That is all gone now, though.

Seattle has a new coaching staff led by head coach Mike Macdonald. Part of the excitement for fans is we cannot be sure what Seattle is going to do now. General manager John Schneider has full control over the roster as well so maybe free agency is approached differently and maybe Seattle's draft looks completely different.

While that not knowing might be fun for fans, the same is likely not true for how the players feel. They have to reprove themselves to a new set of coaches. The following three players might be a little nervous.

Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams is not safe

Pete Carroll had a lot of good traits for a human being. He was kind and patient. He often turned the proverbial cheek when a player would do something untoward. But those same traits do not always work well for a football coach. Jamal Adams should consider himself fortunate that he was working for Pete Carroll in Week 15 of 2023 when Adams was told he would not be playing against the Philadelphia Eagles so Adams either stayed home or left the stadium and went home.

The chances of that same situation unfolding with Mike Macdonald as head coach and with strong advice from Leslie Frazier is extremely unlikely. In fact, Adams might have been released immediately following the game had Macdonald been in charge instead of Carroll. Adams being too injured to play is one thing and can't always be helped, but leaving your teammates during an important game is something altogether.

Macdonald does like to play with three safeties on the field at one time more than most other coaches, but he also isn't likely to play Adams much if he does not think Adams will be available. A new head coach means new allegiances will be formed. Macdonald has no ties to Adams so Adams will need to prove he is worthy of a roster spot to the new coach.