Seattle Seahawks absolutely must chase this recently fired coach for OC position

Seattle will probably make a decision on a new offensive coordinator soon.
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The Seattle Seahawks hired Mike Macdonald to replace Pete Carroll as the team's head coach this offseason. 12s know that already, of course. But what we do not know is who is going to fill out most of the rest of Macdonald's staff, including both the offensive and defensive coordinator positions.

The defensive coordinator is not as important. I write that because we know that Macdonald, the former defensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens, is going to call the defensive plays for Seattle this season and likely beyond. This means that Macdonald will be heavily involved in the defensive game plan.

What Macdonald needs is an offensive coordinator who has proven he can succeed but does not need his head coach micromanaging him. Seattle has reportedly had interest in former University of Washington offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb and current Detroit Lions passing game coordinator Tanner Engstrand. Neither Grubb nor Engstrand has OC experience in the NFL.

Seattle Seahawks should be reaching out to Eric Bieniemy

One coach who does and has recently been let go of his job is former Kansas City Chiefs and Washington Commanders OC Eric Bieniemy. I put "fired" in the title of this article and that would be the case. The Commanders recently hired Kliff Kingsbury to replace Bieniemy. Bieniemy did not want to stop being the OC of the Commanders so he was forced to leave a job he still wanted. That is being fired.

I also personally, and only half-jokingly, think Bieniemy needs to work on his skills to dig up dirt on people. He clearly does not have any on anyone or he would probably be a head coach by now. He either interviews horribly or he has nothing to hold over anyone's head because his success with the Chiefs under Andy Reid goes without question. He also made the Commanders a better offense than they should have been this year.

And sure, Andy Reid is a genius offensively, but it cannot simply be coincidental that when Bieniemy left being the OC with the Chiefs after last season the Chiefs offense is worse this year. Meanwhile, the Commanders slightly improved their yards per play and points scored from 2022 to 2023. Bieniemy also proved in 2023 that he does not need Reid hovering over his shoulder when it comes to running an offense.

Maybe Bieniemy needs to go to another place to prove he can coach in the NFL. Macdonald needs an OC he knows can run an offense and Bieniemy needs to go somewhere with a defensive-minded coach who will allow him to do his thing. Bieniemy to the Seahawks needs to happen and would likely work out for the betterment of the team and the coaches involved.

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