4 Seattle Seahawks dream targets in 2024 free agency

While the Seattle Seahawks embark on a journey to find a new head coach, we put on our general manager cap and evaluate four dream free agent targets.
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For the first time in nearly 15 years, the Seattle Seahawks are in search of a new head coach. While Pete Carroll's 14-year tenure has come to an end, the Seahawks have made it no secret an integral part of their new hiring process will be finding someone who can maintain the positive culture that has been established. That, of course, is no easy task as there hasn't really been a culture like Seattle's found in the league's history.

Nonetheless, whoever finds themselves stepping into the role of head coach will have to make some tough decisions almost immediately. Over the last couple of seasons, but more so, the past two seasons, the Seahawks' defense has ranked close to the bottom of the league. Especially, up front in an attempt to stop the run game. While last offseason's focus was on bouldering the defensive trenches, they even doubled down on it during the course of the regular season by trading for DL Leonard Williams.

Surrendering a second-round pick for a player who is now a free agent may come back to haunt them. The departure of Pete Carroll can cause some impending free agents to look elsewhere. However, the focus in this off-season should remain the same. If the Seahawks want to close the gap with the 49ers and now, I guess, the Rams, they need to bolster the defense.

4 dream free agent targets for the Seattle Seahawks

It is too early to say what type of identity will be formed in Seattle in 2024. In the preliminary search for head coach, GM John Schneider has interviews lined up with coaches who have all different types of expertise. Luckily, the Seahawks are probably one of the more enticing openings throughout the NFL given the level of talent on this roster.

Alluded to many times in his final presser, Pete Carroll was very grateful for the relationship he established with John Schneider, whom he refers to as Johnny, over the last decade and a half. That relationship will be just as important with whoever is next in line. According to Spotrac, the Seattle Seahawks are going to start off 2024 just below the cap.

Contracts will have to be adjusted, players will have to be cut and maybe even traded. Regardless, Seattle is going to have to do some maneuvering to make way for new players they acquire both in free agency and the draft. When the money is freed up, who do they target? Here are 4 dream free agent targets for the Seattle Seahawks this offseason.