Seattle Seahawks get embarrassed versus Ravens in Week 9: 3 quick takeaways

Seattle fell to 5-3 in 2023 with an atrociously bad loss to Baltimore.
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There can be no excuses for how the Seattle Seahawks played in Week 9 against the Baltimore Ravens. Seattle was out-schemed, out-played, out-willed, and out-talented against the Ravens. Seattle might still make the postseason this year because they play in the NFC and the conference is top-heavy. But Seattle would only get embarrassed against a better team, most likely.

The final was 37-3. But let's be honest, if the final had been 63-0 the outcome would have felt just as correct. Seattle isn't close to being as good as Baltimore currently and Seattle won't be until changes are made.

Before I get into the three takeaways (which, obviously, are going to be inherently negative), I want to point out a couple of positives for the Seahawks. Jordyn Brooks is really good and needs to be signed this offseason. He had a tackle for loss and a pass defended and led the team in tackles. Devon Witherspoon was also good again, but Brooks and Witherspoon didn't have much help otherwise. Here are the other takeaways.

Seattle Seahawks don't need a QB change now but Geno Smith is not the long-term answer

Geno Smith was terrible against the Baltimore Ravens with a bad interception and a fumble that was less his fault. (To blame the fumble on Smith on a play where the ball got knocked out of his hand as he reached back to pass would be the same as blaming Lamar Jackson for the same kind of turnover in the first half.) Smith also missed DK Metcalf in the end zone in the first half for what should have been a touchdown.

Smith finished 13 of 28 for 157 yards and a quarterback rating of 49.3. He also had no time to throw as he was constantly under pressure and was sacked 4 times. Drew Lock would not have been any better than Geno Smith, and mostly because the Ravens are simply really good.

Seattle run defense is not as good as seemed

Let's just start with Baltimore's offensive game plan being better than Seattle's on defense. Plus, the Ravens' offensive line is better than Seattle's defensive line. Seattle allowed 127 yards rushing in Week 7 to the Arizona Cardinals and 155 yards rushing to the Cleveland Browns in Week 8. Seattle's efficiency in stopping the run has digressed as the season has worn on.

Against the Ravens, however, the Seahawks allowed an embarrassing 298 yards rushing and an average rush of 7.3 yards per carry. Overall, Seattle was outgained 515 total yards to 151.

Seattle still needs to plan for the future to have their next chance at a Super Bowl

Seattle made a move to add Leonard Williams last week, but that might simply have been a wasted trade. Seattle is not going to win a championship this year and Williams will probably leave in free agency.

The Seahawks could still make the playoffs, but general manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll still should focus on the 2024 NFL draft and free agency next offseason in order to get the team ready for a championship run. This probably includes drafting a quarterback high in the next draft, too.

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