3 Seattle Seahawks entering the last chance saloon over final four games of 2023

Seattle needs four straight great games from the three players on this list.
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Quandre Diggs - Seattle Seahawks safety

Where has the Quandre Diggs gone that was so good for Seattle from 2019 through 2022? Diggs made the Pro Bowl every year between 2020 and 2022 and had at least 4 interceptions in each of those seasons. This year, the free safety has just one pick, and his quarterback rating allowed has ballooned to 105.1. 20 of the 28 pass attempts thrown in his direction have been completed for 15.6 yards per completion.

Diggs is also on pace to allow his most yards after the catch since 2018 when he was playing for the Lions. This is partly due to Diggs whiffing on 13.1 percent of his tackle attempts, his highest number since 2019. Maybe Diggs has lost half a step? He plays a physical game, but free safeties can age quickly once past 30.

Diggs' contract is also simply too high for 2024. Even if he wasn't playing as poorly as he was the team would need to look at reworking his current deal or releasing him. He has a cap hit of $21,262,500 while Seattle only currently has around $12 million in cap room for next offseason. Releasing Diggs would add $11 million to that last number.

Por Football Focus currently has Diggs graded as the seventh-worst safety in the league. To help the Seahawks win at least three of their final four games to try to make a playoff push, Diggs doesn't need to just be decent, he needs to be near elite. Otherwise, the final four games of 2023 should be Diggs' final four games with the Seahawks.

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