3 Seattle Seahawks fan favorites who likely won't be back in 2024

With limited cap space, 12s might have to say goodbye to these players.

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Bobby Wagner is unlikely to return

Bobby Wagner is a free agent and can sign anywhere he wants. Seattle had already let him leave before when the Seahawks released Wagner in 2022 and he signed with the Los Angeles Rams for one season. Wagner returned in 2023, of course, and Wagner led the league in tackles and was named Second-Team All-Pro by the Associated Press. He was very good, but he will also be 34 years old in 2024.

The biggest question is whether Mike Macdonald and John Schneider want to draft a linebacker high in the 2024 NFL draft while also trying to re-sign Jordyn Brooks. This would make Seattle's starting inside linebacker duo young but that would be better for the future of the team. Bringing Wagner back would probably mean the team faces the same problem with their linebackers in 2025; how to replace Wagner?

There are definitely advantages to trying to keep Wagner. He is still fantastic in most aspects of the game. He also might improve in coverage under the coaching of Macdonald. In Baltimore, for instance, Macdonald had a scheme where his linebackers were among the best in terms of coverage in the league. Wagner would also be a good player to have in the locker room.

The hold-up to bringing Wagner back is money. Since Seattle does not have much, they would need to prioritize how they spend it. That could mean youth over experience. If $5 million goes toward Wagner, that would be $5 million that could not go toward trying to re-sign Brooks. Wagner will be 34, but Brooks will only be 26.

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