3 Seattle Seahawks free agents likely gone in 2024 (and 2 who will be back)

Seattle has tough roster decisions to make and not a lot of money to help form those decisions.

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This is going to be a crazy offseason for the Seattle Seahawks. In the past 14 offseasons, the team has normally gone from the playoffs to the NFL Combine to free agency and then to the NFL draft. This year there is the wrinkle of Seattle needing to hire a head coach between now and the NFL combine.

General manager John Schneider is likely already thinking about which free agents to try to re-sign. The problem is that as things stand now, Schneider does not have a lot of money to play with. The Seahawks don't even have enough money to sign their draft picks at this point. That will change, of course, simply because it has to.

But who is likely to leave Seattle and who probably will stay? That is anyone's guess, obviously. Here are a few guesses, though.

Seahawks will likely lose defensive tackle Leonard Williams

Money. This is why the Seattle Seahawks are very unlikely to re-sign Leonard Williams. He will be only 30 years old in 2024 and should command a salary of nearly $15 million a year. As the Seahawks currently have nowhere near that amount of cash lying around, even if Seattle wanted to bring Williams back they probably could not.

Seattle should have done one of two things with Williams this season. One is not trade for him at all and Seattle would still have their second round choice in the 2024 NFL draft. Williams was great during his time in Seattle, but the team overall struggled. Seattle did not make the playoffs, of course, but that was not the fault of Leonard Williams.

The other thing Seattle could have done is making sure that when the team did get Williams they already had a gentleman's agreement in place where Williams would sign an extension this offseason. Seattle would have had an idea of how much they needed to bring Williams back. But now the Seahawks are likely out Williams and a second-round draft pick.