3 Seattle Seahawks free agents likely gone in 2024 (and 2 who will be back)

Seattle has tough roster decisions to make and not a lot of money to help form those decisions.
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Seattle will probably bring back linebacker Jordyn Brooks

Seattle surely won't risk losing every proven linebacker from this year's team, right? Brooks, Bobby Wagner, and Devin Bush are all unrestricted free agents. Bush can leave and Seattle would not miss much, but losing Wagner and Brooks would be bad. Seattle should at least bring back one of the linebackers and it makes more sense for Brooks to come back.

Seattle could have chosen to use the fifth-year option on Brooks last offseason, but they logically did not. Brooks was coming off a horrible knee injury and the team had no idea Brooks would be able to come back and play in Week 1 of the 2023 season. Brooks proved he still has excellent speed, tackles well, and can be used by a better defensive coordinator in blitz packages. He might just cost Seattle $13 million or more to bring back.

Seahawks will probably lose linebacker Bobby Wagner

I like Wagner and never want to see him again in another team's uniform, but because of his age - Wagner will be 34 years old next season - and his inability to cover receivers very well, Seattle might choose to use what little cap room it has on drafting a linebacker. Wagner should be a first-ballot Hall of Famer but a new head coach and a young roster have to be made better for beyond 2024 and Wagner might not be back in 2025 either way.

Plus, if I was Wagner and knew I had one or two years left, I might choose to go to a team that has a better chance of winning a Super Bowl in 2024. Signing with the Kansas City Chiefs or Cincinnati Bengals (who should be improved next year with the return of Joe Burrow) might make more sense. Wagner also will probably have no allegiance to Seattle's head coach either as Pete Carroll will no longer be roaming the sidelines.