Seattle Seahawks full 7-round mock draft: Seattle fixes the defense first

Seattle goes defense first in this mock draft but then grabs a QB.
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Seattle takes quarterback JJ McCarthy in the second round

Mel Kiper, Jr. mocked McCarthy to the Seahawks in the first round in Kiper's first mock draft of the season. But Kiper even admitted to not having a first-round grade on McCarthy. There is a decent chance the Michigan product falls to the second round. Because of the trade that Pro Football Network offered in their simulator, I was able to get pick 49 overall and McCarthy was still available and I chose him.

McCarthy has a good arm and is able to make strong throws to any part of the field. The issue is that he is still a little unproven. He didn't have to win games for Michigan; the team overall was good enough to do that. But McCarthy made all the plays he was asked to and he proved he could run when needed. He might only be at the cusp of his potential and he also has a hockey-like toughness.

Seahawks choose linebacker Edgerrin Cooper in the third round

The Seahawks might have to rebuild their linebacker room this offseason. Starters Bobby Wagner and Jordyn Brooks are free agents, and so is backup Devin Bush. Other than players who have very few snaps in the NFL, the Seahawks literally have a void of unknowns at linebacker. Hopefully, Brooks will be re-signed. Bush hopefully will not be. Wagner now has no connection with the head coach with Pete Carroll gone so why would he come back?

Cooper might already do one thing better than Wagner and Brooks, however. He proved at Texas A&M that he can cover tight ends and running backs really well so he should be able to close that massive hole that seems to exist in the middle of the Seahawks defense on third-and-longs. Cooper needs to add a little muscle and weight, but he should be capable of being good against the run once he does that.