Seattle Seahawks given high odds of landing this replacement for Geno Smith

DraftKings Sportsbook thinks this quarterback gets moved and Seattle might be a taker.
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The Seattle Seahawks are under new management. Or, at least, a new coach. General manager John Schneider now has full roster control, of course, after Seattle removed former head coach Pete Carroll from his duties and replaced him with Mike Macdonald. But besides a new head coach, does Seattle want a new quarterback as well? DraftKings Sportsbook thinks there is a chance.

More specifically, DraftKings has put odds on the Chicago Bears trading Justin Fields and the team with the sixth-best odds of obtaining Fields in Seattle. The good money goes on Fields staying in Chicago, but that seems somewhat unlikely. And that is only partly meant as disrespect to Fields.

The Bears hold the number one pick in the 2024 NFL draft and they also hold the number nine choice. Chicago better be sold completely on Fields as the future QB1 of the team because if they aren't and they pass up potential multiple opportunities to take another franchise quarterback then the Bears deserve decades of losing. Fields also hasn't shown that he can be a postseason-worthy quarterback.

The Seattle Seahawks could land Justin Fields but why would they?

Sure, he has excellent physical skills. He can make throws to any part of the field and he can be brilliant using his legs to pick up yards, but there is a reason Peyton Manning was a better quarterback than quarterbacks with more physical skill and that was his amazing ability to see what was developing in front of him and readjust. Fields has not proven he can do that as well as Manning or even C.J. Stroud.

Fields also only has a career 82.3 quarterback rating and has a 40:30 touchdown to interception ratio over his first three years. He has never played a full season, either, and he missed four games this year. While it is easy to get enamored with Fields' raw physical skill there is certainly no proof he can win at the level that Geno Smith has the last two seasons.

While Smith might not be the future quarterback for the Seahawks, most likely Fields would not be either. If Seattle wants to change out quarterbacks, they should probably draft one. Smith probably stays QB1 through 2024 at least, though.

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