4 Seattle Seahawks on the hot seat entering Week 15 versus the Eagles

  • There is a coaching problem
  • The backend of the defense is an issue
  • QB1 needs to be QB1
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Pete Carroll - Seattle Seahawks head coach

Pete Carroll might not have ever lost four straight games in his coaching career before Seattle lost their fourth straight in Week 14. The Seahawks will be underdogs at home to the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 15 so the expectation is that Seattle will lose its fifth straight game. 2023 was supposed to look even better this year than last when they made a surprising run to the playoffs. Seattle added free-agent talent this offseason and had potentially another good draft class, but this year is falling apart.

The issue is that 12s, and owner Jody Allen, cannot be sure that Carroll can lead the team out of its current mess. Since Carroll has never lost so many games in a row nor had a truly underperforming team where there is so much on-field miscommunication and lack of apparent leadership, we don't know if Carroll even knows how to make the team better.

Maybe the problems Seattle has, such as Jamal Adams' silly spat with a Jets reporter and DK Metcalf getting kicked out of Week 14, just come with when a team isn't doing well. But Carroll also looks like he is losing control of the team. While he is a very capable football coach, he is also the oldest coach in the league and is unlikely to coach for many more years. His losing the team might speed up when he stops being the head coach of the Seahawks.