Seattle Seahawks reportedly need to start looking for a new backup quarterback

Seattle needs to find someone to back up Geno Smith.

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12s have a right to start being frustrated with what the Seattle Seahawks are doing (or not doing) in free agency. Seattle began free agency by signing two of their own free agents - Leonard Williams and Noah Fant - but not signing a free agent from another team. The issue is that the team created as much as $55 million ahead of free agency and has, once again, chosen not to be aggressive in free agency.

Seattle fans might also feel a little misled by general manager John Schneider and new head coach Mike Macdonald because in many press conferences this offseason they spoke about the quarterback situation and mentioned both Geno Smith and Drew Lock as if both would be on the roster in 2024. That is impossible now.

According to's Tom Pelissero (and Ian Rapoport), Lock will be signing with the New York Giants. This is a good move for Lock because he might have a real chance of battling for the starting quarterback spot in New York. The Giants assumed QB1 heading into 2024 was Daniel Jones but Jones has not been good for most of his career so far.

Seattle Seahawks reportedly losing Drew Lock to the New York Giants

Lock has the arm strength and athleticism to be a starting quarterback in the league. He was not going to beat out Geno Smith for the Seahawks, though. Smith has proven to be a calm presence in the pocket in tight games and has excellent accuracy. Maybe Smith is not the long-term option for Seattle at quarterback, but neither was Lock. Clearly, Seattle did not want him very much because his reported deal with the Giants is for just one year and only $5 million. Seattle could have easily afforded that.

But Seattle does need to find a backup to Smith. In fact, Lock signing elsewhere could be a sign that the Seahawks definitely have their eye on a quarterback they want in the 2024 NFL draft. Maybe that quarterback doesn't play right away and Smith starts, but at least the rookie would answer the question as to who Smith's backup is.

The more general hope, however, is that the Seahawks will start doing anything in free agency as far as enticing players to Seattle. The team also whiffed on linebacker Patrick Queen and others. Seeing Lock leave is just more salt in the wound of 12s who must be wondering what their favorite team is thinking.

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